Tasks or People?

As more of a task-oriented person, I was taken aback by one CEO I talked to who leaves his door open nearly all the time during the work day.  But how can he get anything done?!

So I asked.

I learned that in fact he was getting something done…something very important.  He was showing the team that they can come and talk with him, that he was accessible to his employees.  I found my head nodding in agreement, but my body shuddering.

I love people, but I also love my family and I love the time for prayer, renewal, and blogging 🙂  When things come up, or into the office, I’m not able to get certain things done.  Those certain things carryover and typically eat into family or personal time.

But my problem isn’t people…nor the tasks.

Many people have directed me to Andy Stanley’s book, Choosing to Cheat.  The idea is that you can’t possibly perform 100% for every responsibility you’ve been given.  So we cheat…mostly on family or personal renewal.

What I need is balance.  To build in enough margin to be available to people, but also the integrity to say no for the sake of stewardship of time.  No person or task is going create those boundaries for me.  It’s truly up to me.


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