How can I be more a person of grace?

I can be hard on myself sometimes.  I can be hard on others too.  But I don’t like when others are hard on me.

Jesus was pretty clear on this.  “Judge not, lest you too will be judged.”  ” first take the log out of your own eye…”

Of course, none of us want the judgement of God.  We want grace!  We sing about it, talk about it, write about it.  The problem is that I don’t seem to want to dish out the same grace I want (and sometimes expect) from God.

How can I be more a person of grace?

Well…the grace that I have is the grace that I give.  If I allow God’s grace to permeate my soul, to walk in the gratitude as a forgiven man, and to treat myself as God does, then I have reservoir of grace to extend to others.

May we all receive God’s grace with open spirits, allow that grace to consume, and be a people walking in and people of grace.

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