Have I Been Learning from the Wrong People?

I still have a stack of leadership books that I just can’t seem to get ahead of.  The minute I finish one, another suggestion comes in or I find another gift in my office mailbox.  The secret to church leadership, I’ve been told, lies in models of business leadership that have helped make companies and non-profits millions.

But then my wife started doing grad work for a Master’s in Social Justice and Community Outreach at Loyola University.  Her stack of leadership books are a little different.

I’ve been doing grad work vicariously through her (which is the best by the way.  No tests or deadlines…I just get to learn from her!), specifically learning about the power of community development and the leaders that modeled it well.

Interesting concept.  Instead of CEO’s running institutions, grassroots leaders are starting and sustaining movements.

Not to take anything away from all wealth of wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained from business leadership models, but I wonder if I’ve been learning from the wrong people.


2 thoughts on “Have I Been Learning from the Wrong People?

  1. Business models are for maximizing people and resources. Ultimately aligning them with the organization’s vision if one exists. Another definition of leadership is getting people to do things they don’t want to do. Isn’t that sometimes what a sermon does? Leading in a social justice environment is about finding people who have the same vision and moving them toward it. Isn’t that also what a good sermon does. It’s just not that cut and dried. Churches need parts of both. It’s the inward and outward view.

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