How Much Church Going is Enough? (A Question of Relevancy)

Pastors and long-time church members are all finding the same thing: people are attending church less and less.  When you look at the secularization of the U.S., it’s really not surprising.  Remember when whole towns would shut down on Sundays?  Well, I don’t…but it happened.  There wasn’t much to do other than to…well, go to church.

Things are different.

All kinds of activities on weekends, especially on Sundays, lie in direct competition with church for peoples’ time.   So how should the church respond?  Some have redefined their measure of success…be grateful people are coming at all, though it may only be once a month.

But lowering the bar never works.

A relationship with God isn’t part-time, and God wants our whole selves.  I’m OK if the church dies with a grip on those laurels, but I’m still convinced that people are spiritually curious…that people are looking for God.  The church, then, has a role to fill.  But let me put this in a simple way: the church that stands still and expects society to mold to its ways will die.  The church that is flexible enough to deliver God’s deep love for the world in ways that translate best to society will thrive.



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