Sermon Snapshot: A New Creation

Over a decade ago, Rev. Tyrone Gordon gave a passionate rally-call of a sermon that left hundreds of United Methodist pastors in East Ohio on their feet clapping, cheering, and inspired to bring renewal to their church and denomination.  My dad bought the cassette tape, and I listened to it over and over and over again.  That sermon made a difference for me.

But then Tyrone Gordon failed.  The news was a shock and a huge disappointment.  The way that people talk about Jesus and following Jesus as a Christian, you’d think it would be a big deal.  You’d think someone’s life would be noticeably different…and better.  And yet there are times when we look at the lives of Christians and wonder if there is not much difference between being a Christian and not being a Christian.

The Bible says we’re made into a new creation in Christ.  On Sunday we’re going to look into what that means.



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