Skeptical of Other Religions?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe Jesus to be distinctive as the fullest expression of God on earth.  But we should not be so threatened by other religions.  Here’s why:

Prevenient grace.

It’s more of a Methodist term, but it’s important.  It means that God chases after each individual with His relentless love.  That means that whatever altar call in high school you responded to to accept Christ into your heart and change your life forever is not about you as you think it is.  We are simply responding to that chase of love on God’s part.  We love, for He first loved us.

If God chases after us, He chases after ALL of us.

And so while we may respond to that love with a laser light and rock music show in a mega-church, other people around the world may respond in other, weirder ways (or are we the weird ones?).  They may not receive what I believe is the full picture in Jesus Christ, but they’ve captured something…a glimpse of God’s loving care.

And we can learn from others’ responses to God’s love!

I introduced a small group to a ‘breath prayer’ or ‘centering prayer’.  One guy decided to combine it with T’ai Chi.  What a great combination!

What can you learn from others’ response to God’s love to help you with your own response to His love?


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