What’s Your Discipline?

Spiritual disciplines are usually the counterpoint to what your flesh desires.  If you stress-eat, fasting food might be the trick.  Sweet tooth?  Give up chocolate.  Digital farming on Facebook?  Unplug.

Remember, spiritual disciplines don’t magically motivate God to do something new.  I fall for this all the time.  There’s a big moment coming up, and I think inwardly that if I fast for a while it will make the moment more powerful or God will move in a profound way.

Spiritual disciplines are for us.  To be aligned in lifeline of God.

A high percentage of you will prefer the disciplines of meditation, solitude, or retreat.  In Western culture, and U.S. culture in particular, life is a fast track.  Just ask someone who has lived overseas for a year or more.  For those of us caught in that craziness, we need to slow…to abide…to breathe.

So what’s your discipline?

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