What Is It With the Kingdom of God?

What is it with the Kingdom of God?

“It’s here,” we say, “but not yet.”  So it’s here partially, with the rest to come.  Got it.  But which part is already here?  What should I be looking for?  And why can’t I see it sometimes…do I need a special kind of glasses?

Or maybe it’s shy.  In which case, I just want it to come out of hiding enough for me to remember that it’s here and there’s more to come.

And is it one of the “beautiful yet terrible” things?  Is there a part of me that longs for it; while another part of me trembles?

And what’s my place in this kingdom?  Ok, I know I’m not king…but what about an earl or a duke or something?  Can I just not be a surf?  Wait, Jesus preached about this before the Feudal Times, so I can erase that imagery.  But then I’m left with again: what is this Kingdom of God?

Can I just get more of a glimpse to know what I’m supposed to aim for?  Could I whet my appetite to know what I am to hunger for?  I need this…because when I lose sight I just sit here and start building my own kingdom.

And it doesn’t seem to go very well at all.


One thought on “What Is It With the Kingdom of God?

  1. Yeah, I know, right? It’s an awesome and important question. I mean if I am supposed to seek the Kingdom above all else AND live rightly, this should be a priority for me every day.

    I’ve wrestled with this before as well and I arrived at the words, dominion, authority and reign (and maybe a few others I am not remembering) and how these words describe the word Kingdom.

    If, in this or that situation, Christ’s reign is present, how should my perspective change in relation to it? I like to extend that thought to include recognizing things that I need to change my mind about (i.e. repent from) and a truth that I should instead believe. In a sense when I do this it brings the Kingdom from near to here.

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