Can I Make a Political Point? But You May Not Like It…

Frustrated with the government shut down?  Tired of inept politicians?  Me too.  And they call themselves representatives!

Here’s what I’m noticing with the political scene in America.  We decide that we like a senator or president, a news sources or a political party…and then we support that person or group till death do us part.  Anyone would admire the commitment, but it also puts the free-thinker in a bad position.

We then become dependent upon that trusted source to be informed.  There’s no way we can truly know what happens in Libya, or what an entire bill includes.  And of course every politician or news agency is being honest and objective.

It would be one thing if we’re constantly arguing over political philosophies, but it doesn’t stop there.  These political philosophies lead us to certain trusted sources of information.  These sources feed us, not just on matters that have to do with political philosophy, but on everything else too.  Soon we take their word on everything and anything, forgetting that we can think through some things for ourselves; and forgetting that not ALL our beliefs match up with ALL of theirs.  Let me give a couple real life examples within the Christian scope (please forgive the generalizations).

A conservative Christian is conservative politically, naturally.  African Americans, though many Christian, tend to be liberal (or at least voted for Obama), which creates a mistrust.  And so this conservative Christian reduces the seriousness of racism, claiming that it’s people making much ado about nothing; or looking for ways to defend someone like George Zimmerman without really knowing the situation.  This example could be made from the other side of the spectrum as well, but let me use another example.

A liberal or progressive Christian is progressive politically, naturally.  Some large corporations, who many have the reputation of being behind the conservative agenda, engage in unethical or even illegal activity to make more cash…creating a mistrust.  Then for this progressive, any rich person is suspect, and any large company must be engaged in some unethical activity.

My point is that we too easily allow ourselves to be led in our thinking and even manipulated.  We too easily pick a side and demonize the other.  We too easily lose all compassion for people that we happen to disagree with; and too easily fail to be open to focus on what can be agreed upon.

So while I’m just as frustrated as you that the government has shut down due to an inability to agree; Americans need to look in the mirror.  Right now, I actually believe the politicians ARE truly representing the people.



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