Personal Healing or Social Healing?

I’ve been interested in healing lately.  All kinds, really.  Conventional medicine, supernatural healings, community development…the gambit.

If I were to examine the life of Jesus Christ, I would say that he was interested in both personal and social healing.  His preaching of a new Kingdom in front of large crowds seemed to be just as impactful as when he visited someone’s home and healed them or had dinner with sinners.

But which one, either personal or social, takes priority?  How do you create effective and lasting change?  Do you begin with the personal and then move to the social, or just the other way around?

I ask because it seems people are heavy on one or the other.  Some get pretty political with you in conversation early, while others will sit for hours if need be to provide care and encouragement to someone in need.

And you may answer “both.”  That’s fine.  But with the time and attention needed for individual healing care, it hardly seems there is any time or emotional capital left to strategize over the big picture.

So which one do you lean towards?

One thought on “Personal Healing or Social Healing?

  1. Before I give you my preference I have a couple questions that I would like to ask you. Do you play golf? Out of all of the clubs do you prefer the driver, an iron or a wood perhaps? Or do you prefer the putter?

    I play a similar game, disc golf, where I value each of my discs for navigating different situations, each have their place. It’s much like a body that is made up of different parts, each have their own function. We can’t all be mouths right? How would we smell? Or see? Let’s say you were a coach of a sports team. Would you want everyone in the same position?

    I resonate with the personal, the one on one. I mean, with very little exception, the putter gets the ball in the hole. But I also like to be mindful that there is a bigger game to be considered and much like a coach, I don’t have to be the only player in the game.

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