Who’s in Charge?

One of the biggest lessons I have learned this year is that there are many things that I simply cannot control. It should go without saying, with all of my limitations. But really it was a difficult thing to grasp. So after I finally realize that I am NOT in control the question is: who isin control?

Perhaps on our worst day, or if we look in the newspaper, we find that there might be someone up to no good. And while many people will admit that there is evil in the world, a lot of people do not believe in Satan anymore. Another name for Satan is simply The Adversary. I could go along with this idea pretty well, because sometimes it just feels like someone is working against me. Or that I might be trying to push a boulder up the hill. But, I don’t believe that Satan is in control.

That leaves us with God. Claiming that God has full control over every single detail of everyone’s life is a troublesome beliefs for me. It leads me to think about all the difficult things that happen; but if God were in control of He must have allowed it to happen. Instead, I’d like to think that there’s a big difference between authority and control. Regardless, however, giving up control to God is a very freeing exercise.

Today, perhaps you could choose just one thing. One thing only, to give up to God and His full control.


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