Are You Sure You Want Compassion?

I’m more of a task oriented person, and a bit of an introvert. So I thought it would be a good idea one day to begin praying that I would have compassion for people. People inside the church, and outside the church. People nearby, and people around the world. I pretty much wanted have compassion on anyone that God had compassion for. Which of course means everyone.

Then the strangest thing happened. it was as if God started sending people to me. A woman with an illness in her brain, causing her to have what she thought was extravagant religious experiences. A middle-aged gay man simply looking for a community that would love him and help him to grow in his faith. A woman who seemed to have escaped from a human trafficking situation, but I’m not sure. There were definitely drugs involved, but in truth there was no real way of knowing what was really going on at that time. There was no extra ability that I had to minister to these people. I didn’t even understand their real situation many times. But there was one thing that I was able to provide. I was able to listen, I was able to show compassion, and I was able to at least try to do something about a situation for someone. None of this, of course, could have happened if I didn’t pray that God would give me his compassion.

I think God is looking for people of compassion. There are just so many people lost, and so many people in need of the love of God. And how can people be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ if they don’t first get out of their own way to have a bit of compassion for someone other than themselves?

Who is God giving you compassion for today?


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