Do You Feel You Are a “Defender of Truth?”

In the last couple years, people have left our community because I haven’t been tough enough on sin and those who sin.  Well, let me be more honest.  They wanted me to be tough on homosexuals.

Through these difficult conversations, I’ve learned an interesting thing.  People that appear to be threatened by homosexuality don’t really dislike homosexuals as much as they dislike people that disagree with them on what sin is.  It’s the theology that scares them so.  Of course the irony in this whole thing is that in defending what they believe sin is; they are many times willing to be lax on the mandate to love.

Now to be fair, society has made it incredibly difficult to project love while still maintaining homosexuality is a sin.  Trying to tell someone that it’s a sin in the most loving way possible still won’t register with most people.

My point in all this was inspired by a Facebook post by a Old Testament Professor from my seminary, who said: “Jesus doesn’t need defenders; he needs witnesses.”  I mean, we can still talk about what we believe sin to be.  But it’s clear me that there are more important things on our agenda, and that is to witness to Jesus Christ.  Jesus can handle the rest, I think.



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