A WEEK OF THANKSGIVING: Moments of Encouragement

I’m dedicating this week of blog posts toward thanks-giving.  I hope you can identify with this, and it would prompt your own bit of giving thanks.  Um…thanks for reading!

I’m thankful for the guy at Walmart a few days ago.  I had run there one night after cancelling a meeting because my wife had class and my 2 year-old was sick.  We needed medicine.  Little Dude was holding up though, and little spurts of happiness came out.  One was a Christmas tree (don’t get me started on that…I need to focus on giving thanks).  As we looked at the colorful lights on the tree, a random guy sitting on the bench next to the exit began to sing a Christmas song in a loud, operatic voice.

At first I thought he was kidding, but I realized that he was actually quite serious.  He was invested in bringing a smile to my little boy’s face.  As we started to walk out, he started out with his cart as well and continued singing.  I told him the only one he really knew was “Rudolf;” so he went at it.  As we parted ways I said, “Thank you.”

He replied, “Thank you.”  And here’s when he hit me with it…

“And thank you for being such a great dad.”

He didn’t know me.  He couldn’t have known if I was a great dad or not.  Maybe he read something on my demeanor, when I paused to let my son look at the tree.  Regardless, he saw something that in that moment I hadn’t noticed; and it encouraged my heart.

So today I’m thankful for that man, whoever he is, and his small bit of encouragement.  It was big for me.


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