I’m dedicating this week of blog posts toward thanks-giving.  I hope you can identify with this, and it would prompt your own bit of giving thanks.  Um…thanks for reading!

Today I am thankful for having a purpose. Okay, that may be a little too abstract. But I truly am thankful that I have a purpose! I am thankful that God simply did not leave me to my own devices, but that God included me in God’s plan. Now I serve God, and I serve other people. I lead and I organize for God’s wishes and purposes on this earth. I’m also a storyteller. I try to tell the story of God and how God intervenes into the lives of human beings to have a relationship. What a privilege!

What this means is that I’m also thankful that I have a job. Work is a gift, you know. It’s a reminder to each of us that we have a purpose, a way to contribute to society. And I know that so many people struggle to find work. It is truly a gift, one that I will not take for granted.


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