Interruptions vs. Distractions…Who Wins?

Whatever I’m doing right now; that’s more important than what you’re interrupting me with.

That’s how my block head thinks.

Oh, and later…when I’m lounging in my fake leather couch watching slop…that’s sacred time.

Seriously dude (sometimes I call myself dude), don’t you have a few things mixed up?

You see, chances are you’ll run into plenty of people that will tell you they’re doing fine, but they look away as they say it because they’re lying.  There’s pain going on.  Interrupt your day.

And later, even when you’re tired and all you want is a mind-numbing distraction, your child wants you to play Lego’s.  Put away the distraction and practice some presence.

So I present this thought: embrace the interruption…put away the distraction.

Whatever happens while you are awake is a gift.


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