What If I Had Cooler Clothes?

What if I had cooler clothes?  Or better (meaning more) hair?  What if I lost 8 pounds?  What if I could blow minds every time I explained something?

Wouldn’t that be great?  Well…not really.  Not if I were all sizzle and no steak, as they say.  (who says that?)

Point is, content beats presentation every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Search for depth…real, profound, life-shaking depth.  And then pull out some real content in life.  Live the life that means something; that God designs.  Your story will be worth reading if it’s a good book.


3 thoughts on “What If I Had Cooler Clothes?

  1. Eric, It’s sell the “Sizzle not the Steak”! People buy benefits, not features. So I’ll buy a fan to keep me cool, not because it moves air. Would love to hear how that applies to your philosophy of searchers…..post for another day! An
    other thought. We like Christmas for the gifts we give and get. We have lost the bigger gift that arrived on that day……

    1. Your point in Christmas -very true! Not sure how “sizzle” refers to a benefit…but we’ll have to talk about this some other time. I would never say that presentation isn’t important or irrelevant. I just think that content is more important. People are looking for meaning and depth and passion even if its presented poorly.

      1. I think you’re both getting to the heart of good preaching. The trifecta of Content, Delivery, Application. I can talk about the resurrection of Christ with my congregation and make incredibly compelling arguments for historical accuracy and divine intervention, but until I’ve communicated to someone the impact the resurrection has on their life I haven’t fully shared the gospel.

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