Sermon Snapshot: Have Hope!

When I was in 9th grade I had to take the 9th-Grade Proficiency tests.  Do you remember these?  There were about 4 or 5 tests: Math, Science, Social Studies…I don’t know…Lunch?  Whatever they were, I passed all of them on the first shot, except for writing.  You see, I had moved to a new school that year, and turns out that all of my new classmates had taken grammar and writing as their English class in 8th grade.  Smart, right?  My previous school wasn’t so bright.  My 8th grade teacher thought it would be more fun to teach literature.

So I was clueless on how to write…plus I had ADD.  I’d start day dreaming about ninja warriors halfway through the exam time.  Now, when you fail, you get another chance…but you can only take it twice a year.  So the next time I failed…and then the next time I failed…and then the next time I failed.  I got to my junior year and still hadn’t passed this 9th grade proficiency test.  So I got the help from my 9th grade English teacher, Mrs. Byers.  And this sweet lady walked me through the steps of good writing.  In the Spring of my junior year of high school, I passed that stupid 9th Grade Proficiency test.

Mrs. Byers gave me a chance.  She didn’t cast me aside.

Find out why this and other examples gives us hope for us all.

2537 Lee Rd., Cleveland Hts.  6p dinner; 630p worship.

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