How Could I Ever Get Bored?

As much as I possibly can, I meet with a dear friend and mentor for the nourishment of my soul.  Last week, after laughing about our similar personality types, he shared something with me that has bothered me in the most holy way possible.

It was a poem.  A good one.

The poem was about people, and how people have ruined him.  You see, this real-life saint has sacrificed and continues to sacrifice for the sake of people.  He’s a man of success; but instead of the riches of comfort he gave it all away for people.  People have ruined him.

His words were so foreign to me.

But then he offered a challenge.  He says that our personality type, which often gets bored with the routine and leaves us wanting for the next adventure, has all the adventure it can handle in people.  There is a sacred mystery in people, a beauty-of-God just waiting to be unearthed.

How could I ever get bored?


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