Where is Wisdom?

You know that moment when you’ve lost your keys or your wallet?  Wisdom is the same way.

Wisdom, by very nature, is something hidden.  It’s allusive.

How do you find it?  Wait…back up.  How do you even search for it?  Is there a technique like “stop and think about when you had it last?”  (does that even work?)

But Wisdom isn’t a lost possession that needs to be found; it’s a lost treasure that comes from somewhere else.  It’s a lost treasure that can be found with the kind of adventure we see in The Goonies (That was the first image that came to my mind with treasure hunting).

The point, and the challenge, is that Wisdom is something to be sought after in every moment, situation, day, and year.   Yes, it is allusive, and others are waaaay better at finding it than me, but the treasure of Wisdom is worth the find.


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