Sermon Snapshot: Prepare!

…And so every year, without fail, around January or February or even March someone will complain to me about how it feels like winter has gone on forever.  And finally, when spring does arrive, it’s almost as if we’ve forgotten each time what it feels like.  Have you ever seen someone get a little overexcited about the first time it turns 50 degrees and begin wearing their shorts and T-shirts outside?

Is it possible that there is such a thing as a spiritual winter…seasons of spiritual drabness, where everything seems motionless, and withering, and boring?  We begin to wonder where God is and why we can’t see Him working.  And this season affects us…pulling us into a spiritual seasonal depression –where things feel hopeless and lifeless.  I’ve had these seasons many times before.  St. John of the Cross describes them as a “dark night of the soul.”

Come find out why John the Baptist had this seasonal depression, and what we are to do when we have it as well.

2537 Lee Rd. | 6p dinner | 630p worship

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