About the Nativity…Are Humility and Majesty at Odds?

It’s kind of an odd scene, really.

One one hand, the actual content of our little nativity set is unimpressive: a cow, some camels, sheep, a manger…the usual barnyard figurines (except for the ceramic Boston Terrier…don’t ask).

But the carvings are something to be adored.  And then there’s the angel and that blessed star.  The picture is really an upside-down one.  On one hand you have the humblest of images, but they are images we have come to claim as majestic and awe-inspiring.

Can humility and majesty coexist?

Well yes, because as the story goes the majestic infiltrates the humble.  God comes down on earth.  Perfection comes as a human.  It’s all oxymoronic…and that’s what’s so beautiful.  The story lifts our heads in the lowliest of circumstances and gives us hope.  There is no reason to be alone or abandoned.  There is a way after all.


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