Who Likes to Clean Out the Container of Festering, Old Food?

Sometimes (and only sometimes) we let old food fester in a Tupperware container.  All household parties know it’s there; but let’s be honest, we all just get what we need and close the door in hopes that we quickly forget about it so the other person can clean it out.

Can I get a witness!

And while you grumble under your breath because you’re the one left with the dirty deed, there is a slight release of dopamine in the satisfaction that it’s finally cleaned.  Or at least you’re happy that this issue isn’t looming anymore.

Confession is opening that lid with fear on your face just before you gag from the sight and smell.

Nobody wants to do it; and so we let it fester.  And fester.  And mold.  It’s ugly and unpleasant; but when we get the gumption to fess up, to receive forgiveness from God, and/or to reconcile with those we’ve hurt, there is a peace and freedom to know that all is well.  In that moment we realize that taking the time and expending the energy to face our sins for the cleansing of our soul is totally worth it.

Confess, sisters and brothers, repent, receive God’s amazing grace, and be free.

One thought on “Who Likes to Clean Out the Container of Festering, Old Food?

  1. With dust flying around everywhere, He goes about cleaning a man’s heart, oh the mess! After the furniture has been moved from here to there, comes sweeping with a special dusting broom; then onto mopping, using copious amounts of clean water as the floor is very dirty when you only mop once a year.
    Throwing out this and that is but the only thing to do when there is simply not enough room for the important stuff. Vacuuming the carpets, even the cushions, and behind every nook and cranny you can fit the hose in. And last but certainly not least… incense burning and chanting; couldn’t hurt. * laughs*
    Yep, its gonna look a whole lot worse before it gets better. This is no easy task mind you, the grease and grime that have embedded themselves into the very fiber of our being, has to be put through the heavy cycle with two rinses. Will it hurt? It might… maybe even a lot, but what is left will never look quite the same again.
    Perhaps now I will think twice before wearing muddy shoes into the house, or for that matter… no shoes at all! Care a little more about the choices I make every day, for if I don’t, its back through the wringer… again. Yes, He is our best friend. * smiles*

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