Does the Zoo Depress You?

I love going to the zoo to see the animals, but most of them make me sad.

Sure, the huddle of penguins seem to be having a blast…but not everyone.  The lions particularly look down-right depressed.  And why not?  Their very DNA is designed for wide-open country and the freedom of the hunt.  At my last visit there were 4 bald eagles with an open net at the top — a torture tactic for these birds of prey that have had their wings clipped.  They might prefer water boarding.

Some things, and people, are just meant to be free.

I’m not looking to shirk any responsibilities, mind you.  I just don’t want to be conquered by them.  This world can be binding; and so God offers a kind of freedom that supersedes all circumstance.  May Freedom be your prayer today…you were created for it.


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