What If You Ran the Risk to be Vulnerable?

“If people knew the real me,” someone once told me, “they really wouldn’t like what they see.”

This person said what I think so many people feel, but don’t say.  They look in the mirror and are convinced the world sees the disgust that they sense.  So they hide.  Most of them cower behind a fortified veil of plastic smiles and Facebook posts about how wonderful everything is.

Vulnerability is tough, but when it’s released is super powerful.  Just ask Brené Brown, who in her TED Talk discusses the power of vulnerability.  From my own experience opening up to people is not only received on the whole with gentleness and grace, it brings freedom to a room full of people also longing to be vulnerable but not knowing how.

It’s infectious, really.

Could you dare to be vulnerable today?  The results might be powerful.


One thought on “What If You Ran the Risk to be Vulnerable?

  1. I’ve been blogging for a little over three years and when I have had the courage to REALLY say what’s going on or tell stories from the dark side, I am always blown away at the grace that others show and the healing that others receive. Vulnerability is a beautifully messy thing. Great post.

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