Is God an Enabler?

God’s grace is abundant.  So abundant, in fact, that the saying is true: “there’s nothing you can do to make God love you any more; and there’s nothing you can do to make God love you any less.”  This gift of God allows us to ease off the pedal in our self-pursuit of perfection; to shush our inner critic.  Let’s face it, some of you need to stop being so hard on yourselves.

And so it seems holy that you would ‘walk in grace,’ or allow grace to begin in your life as the day starts, not as the day ends.  And you would cease to be a person driven by guilt.  This is a good thing.

But who sins more: the person of guilt or the person of grace?  And if we’re honest, aren’t there times when we have an inner dialogue just before doing something we’re not proud of, and it’s actually the thought of grace that propels us into that sin because we’re counting on God making it OK in the end?

And if that’s true, is God an enabler?

The reason for the question, and what I hope will be the end result of you thinking about this, is that you’ll find a new, deeper way to understand and encounter God’s grace.



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