How Does God Speak?

I constantly find myself wanting to hear from God more.  There’s no reason to be aimless in following Jesus, mind you, it’s just that this world and my life present a set of complications that leave me scratching my head; looking for direction.  So I seek a Word from a Voice from on high.

I’ve always envisioned God to speak like two friends covering the local sports team.  Casual.  Informal.  Regular.  But really I’m not sure God speaks like that, mostly because of the infrequency of it (whether through God’s silence or my inability to listen).

I’m wondering, instead, if I’m like a member of the press waiting for the Savior of the world to step up to the podium to make a declaration.  This would not be an every-day occasion, but when it happens it’s powerful.

If this is the case, it would be helpful to identify when it’s time to wait and when it’s time to perk up my ears and turn on the recorder.  And if I am to wait, I would hope not to fill that time checking Twitter.  As I said, there’s no reason to be aimless.  Scripture and prayer tell me plenty about God in Christ, about me, about my relationship with God, and about the mission of God (anyone figured out that ‘love your enemies’ part?)

God speaks.  How?  Let’s wait enough to find out.

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