What Happens When You’re Bored But Also Hate Change?

Are you the type to get bored often?  I am.  It’s in my blood.  The good of it is that if you’re like me, you start itching for a change at about the pace some things change naturally.  Keeping up with the times is probably a value of yours, along with innovation and relevancy.

The bad thing is that while things change more at your speed, many things do not.  And when I say ‘many things,’ I specifically mean people.  People generally have a hard time with change, inevitable as it may be.

The real quandary is when people are bored and hate change; and I think that describes more people than we give credit.  Many people are bored and desire change, but fear that same change that they desire.

So what do you do?

What are your fears?  What will it take to be bold?

I suppose this dilemma boils down to one question: what would you rather live with, change or boredom?


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