Sermon Snapshot: The Followers and the Followed

Excerpts from this Sunday’s message at Church of the Saviour 8:30, 9:30, & 11:00:

“I want to begin with making a universal statement about all of us.  I know making unversial statements can be dangerous ground sometimes, but I think I’m right on this one.  The observation is that we are all looking for something.  I know you…you’re probably saying, “Well, yeah I was looking for my keys this morning.”  OK, but I think we’re all looking for something big.  Call it meaning in life, or purpose in life…something big.”


“Now, there are ton of things, maybe thousands of things that contribute to our sense of identity.  Maybe it’s where you live, your economic status, your job, your friends, family, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, music you listen to, the clothes you where, your social life…thousands of things.  But that thing that we’re looking for is not something that you already have.  It is not in our possession.  The way I know this is that in all the things that make my identity, I still find myself looking.  I have an awesome marriage, and I’m still looking.  I love being a dad, but I’m still looking.  I love being a pastor…this is truly a calling, but I’m still looking.”

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