Sermon Snapshot: From Individualism to Community

Call it community…if you want.  But going to a coffee shop, shopping mall, or any other public place is not real community.  Giving your order over the counter was not a real conversation.  Asking the person next to you if you could plug your computer into the outlet near their seat is not a real interaction.

The tell-tale sign you’re in real community is when you get close to people enough that there’s a bit of conflict.

Yep, that’s right.

Take the engaged couple that thinks they’ll have a perfect marriage because they’ve never fought.  Big time red flag.

Conflict isn’t the sign that things are wrong, it’s actually the sign that things are RIGHT.  It’s how conflict is dealt with that can turn people off, not that conflict has risen in the first place.  So don’t run at the first sight of conflict, you’re actually in the right place.  A bit of conflict in real community is waaaaaay better than being alone.


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