Do You Know What’s Happening in Kiev?

“It hasn’t gotten much press, but have you heard about what’s going on in Kiev?” a young woman asked me last week.  It wasn’t random –she’s Ukrainian.  I had faintly heard of the turmoil, but I was pretty much unaware.  What was in the back of my mind was at the front of this young woman’s, because her family and friends were at risk.

When something comes on TV it almost presents itself as unreal.  Not to mention all the other things that are thrown our way on TV, let alone the crap that we deal with in our lives from day to day.  But, despite what I often think, these happenings in the world involve REAL.PEOPLE.

In this modern world, we have a great gift of awareness.  Awareness helps us grow, and enables us to help others.  What’s happening in Kiev?  Here’s a couple shots that shocked me:











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