Are you in the midst of a struggle right now?  Chances you are.  Financial, relational, familial…the list goes on and on.  Can we just get a break?  A little relief?  Normally I roll my eyes at the person who talks about a purpose behind our struggle, or that God has a plan, or that I’m going through it for a reason.  But against my willfulness or logic, I have learned a great lesson this past year in the benefit of struggle.

Strangely, spoiled brats help me with this problem.  Yes, spoiled brats.  There is a lesson that we take for granted in the derogating name.  After thinking about why I dislike spoiled brats so much, I came to the conclusion that character is formed in the presence of struggle.  And the absence of struggle leaves the character under-developed.

So while I hate it, while I even hate saying it, I say there is a blessedness in struggle.  It is terrible and beautiful.


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