How Far?

Water leaks into the runners shoes, but she is undeterred.  She’s just passed a new mile-mark; a small distraction before she zeroes in on her next step, and then her next step, and then her next step.  But she does feel the ‘newness’ of the landscape in contrast to the regular route she’d become bored with.  Her breath puffs out like a cigar and her ears are numb, but no matter.

She’s only looking forward.

If it weren’t for her watch and a few recognizable landmarks, she’d not even be aware of how far she’d come.  But it’s a small thought.  What occupies her soul is the task ahead -an overwhelming thought that there is so much more to go.  The breadth of this road-yet-traveled humbles her…but it also excites her.

And God, like a long shadow when the sun is at your back in the late afternoon, is there but always slightly ahead…treading the ground she is about to breach.  She’s come a long way; and yet there is still so much to come.

Happy Birthday to me.


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