What’s Your Flavor?

There are a lot of different Christians; many of which have their own flavor.  Their tradition stems from a conflict, or a movement, or a conviction of belief.  And so there is a something that has caused them to meet and to organize and to grow.

Sometimes I look at a particular concentration, or flavor, of other churches and wish I had that kind of influence.  I wish I had the thirst for the Spirit like charismatics, the reverence of Catholics, the seriousness of the Reformed, and the freedom of Non-Denom’s.

But the church I serve also has it’s flavor, if it’s not heretical to say such a thing.  I think we are a people of grace.  The thought occurred to me recently, forcing a smile that I hadn’t expected (the frame of mind was what we were not doing that others were).

Grace…yeah, that’s good.  That’s God.  I think I can do that.  I think I can own that.

But…I’m still going to seek wisdom and influence from my sisters and brothers.  I guess it just seems like a very grace-filled thing to do.


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