How Is Your Life Positioned?

If you couldn’t tell, these blog posts are usually scheduled in.  So this morning, I’m not sitting comfortably in my living room with a fresh cup of coffee.  Today I’m participating in a Homeless Immersion weekend in Toledo, Ohio.  It’s my intention to learn how such a program is done, so that I might try something similar in my neck of the woods.

I’ve spoken to loads of people who desire this.  Their lives have been positioned for success: comfortable home, good schools, steady and sufficient income, safe.  These are all good, admirable things that anyone wants.

But…so many other people don’t have them.

The well-positioned people suspect this, but they want to know more.  They want to do more.  They don’t want to wallow in ignorance.

And so they seek a new positioning, one that hits at this surprising sense of compassion within them.

Please pray for a wonderful weekend; that I may return with the tools to help others be positioned to understand the real plight of those in need.


2 thoughts on “How Is Your Life Positioned?

  1. Erik, if you’re talking about Steve North’s program, I’d be happy to help you do that – I think you’re in NE Ohio, right? I’m recently relocated to North Olmsted and am itching to volunteer! Ask Steve about me – he’ll tell you that I can occasionally be helpful.

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