What’s the Answer?

Last week I sat down with a group of men at a diner over eggs, coffee, and great conversation.  We reminisced about a victorious saint who had gone on to be with God in eternity.  His life, a living testimony of godliness and grace, seemed so distant from our mortal selves.  “How do we attain a life like his,” one of us asked.

And then it occurred to me that this man was probably like us at one point.  There was likely nothing particularly sensational about him, only that he longed for more of God and made himself available for God to respond to the longing.

In Craig Barnes book Sacred Thirst, the church is given the charge not to try to solve all the problems and answer all the questions, but to nurture thirst, a longing within us.

Recently I was approached by a man who admitted that he started coming to church at the urging of his wife.  He’s glad he comes to worship every Sunday, but still struggles with many aspects of Christianity and the Bible.  He had a look of surprise when I tried to convince him that he was exactly in the right place.  “Church is to be place for people with questions,” I told him.

It sounds cheesy, but all I can think about right now is the Dos Equis commercial with the tagline: “Stay thirsty my friends.”  Yeah, stay thirsty.

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