Lent With No Car: The Cold

My Lenten practice for this year will be to experience a little bit the life of those with no car.  Here’s what I’m experiencing…

I suppose I should have done more planning, but Ash Wednesday crept up on me.  So, like many things in life, I winged it.  Late Tuesday night I figured out when I needed to be at the coffee shop for the men’s group the next morning.  It would be a straight, easy train ride.  But…it was freaking early.  I had to wake at 5am to make it in time (coffee IV!)  I would have zombie-walked my way to the station from my house if it weren’t for the instant exhilaration of bitter cold running through body.  It was early, and it was cold.  These are simple observations, ones that I probably didn’t need to experience in order to recognize.  But my experience did help me to feel for those that endure such a thing day in and day out.  A staff member at our church also takes the bus.  He told me that his bus never showed that morning and so he had to wait in the cold for an extra half hour.  Thankfully the heat wave of 35 degrees has arrived now that we’ve officially entered spring.  I love you Ohio.

More thoughts of my experience to come…


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