Lent With No Car: Schedules

My Lenten practice for this year will be to experience a little bit the life of those with no car.  Here’s what I’m experiencing…

When you own a car, you own your schedule.  It doesn’t eliminate when you need to be at work on time or when you should be home for dinner, but having a car gives you a ton of flexibility.  With public transportation, timing is everything.  You are a slave to the schedule of the Almighty RTA.  Leaving from the house on time to make the train or bus and waiting between stops requires careful attention and eats away at the precious minutes where we usually could write that one last email before going home or spending time with your family before leaving for a meeting.  I never realized how important those minutes were.  And because you’re on someone else’s schedule, you’re screwed if you accidentally leave something behind.  Public transportation is unforgiving.  I can’t even count the number of times I left home with a fury only swing back around because I forgot my wallet or lunch or whatever.  RTA doesn’t play that game.  If you forget it; forget it…it’s gone.  Gee, life was so much better when I had more things in life letting me think I ruled the universe.


One thought on “Lent With No Car: Schedules

  1. Time to start making a morning “don’t forget!” list! Seriously though…if I didn’t make lists I would forget things all the time.

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