Lent with No Car: Peace

My Lenten practice for this year will be to experience a little bit the life of those with no car.  Here’s what I’m experiencing…

I may get back to how this Lenten practice is a struggle for me, but today I want to share what I love about public transportation.  Well…actually there are several things but I’ll go ahead and spread them out.  Taking public transportation, strangely, has slowed and simplified my life.  Waiting for the train or bus causes me to breathe.  To look.  To pause.

The train’s schedule dominates mine.  That kind of structure is a welcome presence as opposed to the chaos that exists when I’m in control.  Funny, isn’t it?  When I’m in control there’s chaos; when I’m not there isn’t.  There’s a sermon in there somewhere.


4 thoughts on “Lent with No Car: Peace

  1. Interesting. Walking is very meditative for me. My car died in december, and it’s made me more free than ever.

  2. I have found that it makes where I am going more meaningful. It takes more work to walk to the bus and then walk from the bus to work. I am more deliberate and aware of where I am going and meditating on what to do when I get there.

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