Lent With No Car: Snow

My Lenten practice for this year will be to experience a little bit the life of those with no car.  Here’s what I’m experiencing…

There may be some theological lesson in this one, but I’ll have to think upon it after my brain thaws.  Ohio gave us a nice little Spring treat: a Winter storm.  So far I’ve been able to take the cold…even the ice.  But the several inches of snow did me in today.  Nevermind that a lace broke in my boots and that I had to wear tennis shoes, but trying to walk in snow is like running on sand…except it’s freaking cold.  I was heading to the library (a fairly ambitious jaunt) to work on my sermon, but I had to give in and settle for hiding out in the church that was on the way.  The numbness in my toes and legs were too much.  It’s shameful to think that there are people who have done this all winter.


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