Sermon Snapshot: Why Miracles

This is the very beginning of this week’s sermon that will speak to the overall series…

Last week we started a message series on the question “Why?” in regards to the story of salvation as it’s explained in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Now in response to this topic you might just ask: “Why ask why?”  The question “why” is the bridge between Jesus just being a figure in history and a Messiah that has a direct effect on you and your relationship with God.  If we don’t uncover the “why,” then we could probably carry on with lives that have been effected by Alexander the Great or Socrates or some other obscure figure that that influenced the world in their day, which ultimately has an effect on life as we know it but never has any direct implication on my life or my standing with God.  The reason for Jesus gets to the very core of who we are, and to the very heart of God.


Catalyst is every Sunday night at 6:30, with a meal prior at 6:00.  2537 Lee Rd., Cleveland Heights.


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