Lent with No Car: The Nightmare

What if I missed the bus?  No big deal, right?  But suppose I had a job interview this morning, the first in months and 100 applications.  My family, dignity, and pride put all my hopes on that day.  I could get up early, go over all the details, and create some cushion of time for “incidentals.”

But sometimes a bus breaks down.  It’s not just late…it’s not coming.  I would think to myself, “why me?”  “Why me…on this day…at this time?”  It would be so random that I would no doubt question God.

Two and a half weeks into Lent with no car, and I can tell you that this scenario isn’t far fetched.  One of the goals I had for this Lenten practice was to gain appreciation.  No, not appreciation…compassion.

Increase, O God, my compassion.


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