What Gifts Do You Have?

I know this has happened to you.

It’s your birthday, or it’s Christmas, and it’s time for the presents.  What will you get this year?  The anticipation is so exciting.  And so you pick out the most promising gift.  You size it up, feel the weight, and then draw up in your mind what might be.  As you read the card, your glad to have such friends or family or Santa, but the card isn’t important.

When you pull it out the the box or the bag, with everyone’s eyes fixed on you, you realize that your new gift is something that you already own.  Your disappointment is palpable, but you can’t let it on.  So you summon your best acting skills in hopes to save face.

God is gift giver.

Have you ever thought about what gifts God has in store for you?  I think of all my faults and weaknesses and wonder if I’ll ever be this or have that.  But chances are the gifts that God has given me aren’t anything new.  Chances are…I’ve had these gifts all along.

There’s no need for that awkward moment of backtracking at the party.  The question is not “which gift will God give me?  But rather, “What gifts has God already given me that need cultivating?”


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