What Do You Do With Guilt?

Upstairs in the spare bedroom, I’ve made a mess.  Clothes are everywhere. Really, it’s a disaster zone. But here’s the great thing! I can just close the door of the room upstairs and pretend that the mess isn’t even there.  Good solution…until I need to find clothes or go into the room for some reason.

Sometimes we treat sin the same way. We simply close the door of that room in our hearts and pretend that it isn’t there. We do this because we can’t stand the guilt. We have an aversion to it. And when we are reminded of that thing that we did wrong, we’re almost annoyed and offended that it has been brought to our attention.

Like the first time on the treadmill after a long winter break, it’s difficult yet worthwhile to bring our sin before God. But this is how healing happens. This is how the thorn of guilt in your side is removed.


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