Do We Need to Name Our Sins?

In a prayer and devotion guide that I use most mornings, there is a section on confession. It asks me to search my heart for any unconfessed sin in my life.  But really, if it’s that bad why would I need to dig around to find it?  And isn’t it best left alone?  Isn’t it good enough to give God the overview by declaring that I’m a sinner and be done with it?

A mentor of mine once said: “In every situation there’s something you can be sorry for.”  Except when I’m right, I thought.

The truth is, though, that we haven’t arrived.  We are still human.  We’re still on this side of heaven.  We make mistakes and fall short.  This shouldn’t make you feel bad (because it’s a prelude to grace), but it should bring about a certain desperation for the One that restores.  Yes, we should make it personal when we bring our sins before God; because grace is personal…and so is our relationship with Him.


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