Do We Lose Our Identity When We Follow Jesus?

I.Love.Ice Cream.

(side note: check out Michelle‘s toasted pistachio ice cream…it’s like a drug.)

The cool thing about ice cream is that it has all kinds of varieties of flavors that you can try, while still having the same basic qualities that make it ice cream.  I know, I’m not saying anything original.  Just bear with me…I’m making a point.

To follow Jesus, you have to be willing to be changed.  In a sense, it’s our goal to all be the same: like Christ.  But I don’t think that means you can’t be your own flavor of Christ.  God made you unique.  There’s no one like you.

God isn’t wanting us to abandon who He made us to be in our pursuit of transformation.  It’s OK to be like Christ in your own way.


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