Are You Bitter? Better to Drop It.

One thing I’ve noticed about my two-year old son is that he has a short memory.  It’s meltdown one minute, laughter the next.  It’s a sick little game this one plays…and he doesn’t even consider the peaks and valleys he sends my emotions into.  But this short memory serves him well when I’m being less-than-noble.  Sometimes parents suck –that’s just the way it goes.  If he held onto every disappointment, every notice that I wasn’t there, or each time he wanted me to put my phone down to play, I’d be dead last for the Father of the Year award.  But each time he sees me, he runs into my arms as if I’d been gone an eternity, or like I’m actually somebody important.  The love is overwhelming.

But for some reason our memories tend to grow with, and then outgrow, our bodies.

Let’s be honest, adults.  Sometimes we like to be mad about something or someone.  I don’t know…maybe it brings a little spice into an otherwise dull season; maybe it’s the one thing we have in common with that allusive friendship that just can’t seem to get any deeper.  Whatever the reason, is that grudge adding to your life?  I suspect just the opposite.  Bitterness can be a sort of identity theft.  It can lock you away and parade around as the real you.

So better to drop it.  The other person or that situation may not change, but you can.


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