Don’t Like the ‘Kingdom’ in Kingdom of God?

Some people don’t like the term ‘Kingdom of God.’  I guess it reminds them of feudalism, caste systems, and ruthless kings. Normally I’m on board with reclaiming language to bring about its intended meaning rather than avoiding it, but today I will indulge this kingdom aversion with a small revelation I had this morning.

For whatever reason we have spots in our yard where grass has refused to grow. That, combined with other areas of foreign vegetation, it seems as though we have been losing our yard. It’s been my intention this spring to gain our yard back. I’ve been planting seed, I’ve been tending to plants and trees, and generally I’m keeping a lookout. 

Now since Jesus seemed to prefer agricultural illustrations even more then military ones, I thought this was a great visual for how we should view the kingdom of God.  It is the work of reclaiming ground, and every green blade that stands on barren dirt is a sign of life and hope.  In fact, just a few blades in a dead spot can really alter the landscape.

So let’s gain God’s yard back…or advance His kingdom territory… whichever you prefer.  Is there really any other purpose we have?


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