Sermon Snapshot: Before You Knew It

Are you tired of trying to make your relationship with God work?  On Sunday night at Catalyst I’ll explore a common mistake we make when in comes to our relationship with God: thinking that we are the ones that have to move closer to a God that doesn’t move.

This idea of God’s initiative of love for the purposes of relationship is called Prevenient Grace.  It’s a concept coined by St. Augustine and later popularized by John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.  It comes from the Latin prevenio which means “anticipating” or “going before.”  It’s God’s initiating love…God pursuing us.

Of course, in any relationship, this doesn’t mean that we’re suddenly static either.  What I simply offer is a perspective that launches us into new depths.

And while we’re talking about the larger story of your life and relationship with God, all of this reveals something about our day-to-day relationship.  Any encounter with God, any move of the Spirit, any “Aha” moment, is simply a response or reaction to a lifetime of God already at work in you.  Let that one sink in!  That’s the difference between singing songs and worshiping God.  It’s the difference between doing good things for people and living out a compelling call and purpose upon your life.  It’s the difference between being religious and being in a relationship.  God was at work in your life before you even knew it!

Catalyst is on Sunday nights; dinner at 6pm, worship at 630pm, at 2537 Lee Rd in Cleveland Heights.


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