Science and Religion Singing “Why Can’t We Be Friends”? It Can Happen…

This article made me happy.

In college I rolled my eyes at having to take Astronomy as a German major, but Gen. Ed. courses are another blog post.  I can promise you that not one iota of substance was retained, save for this one encounter.  I took to my prof’s office a day after a lecture on the Big Bang.  As a person of faith, I needed answers…or at least I needed to be allowed to have certain questions.

“So you don’t know what caused the Big Bang?” I asked.

“No,” said the prof.

“So it’s cool if I think it’s God,” I responded, not knowing if he’d buy it.


Hear me –I was not a victorious little Christian soldier that day.  I learned something…something really important: Science and God are actually friends.  So where did I get the notion there was a battle going on?  Here’s what happens…

Somewhere along the way someone tries to use science to disprove God, or the Bible to disprove science.  The assertion, although peculiar, is packed with an infinite mass of unstable energy.  Then, unprovoked, this mass of energy explodes in the form of a scientific journal or a TV special on the 700 Club.  This Big Bang of antagonism sets off a series of nuclear reactions that form molecules of speculation, which then take on a life of their own.  The entire scene is so mysterious and beautiful it can only be deemed by onlookers as Unintelligent Design.

So let’s put aside our fundamentalism, learn from one another, and karaoke in unison.  There’s too much to learn and the fighting is giving me a headache.


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